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The  Following  are  members  of  the  Research  Advisory  Committee  of  the  Foundation 

1. Shri  Jai  Rattan  Bhalla Architect,  Planner  Chairman 

2. Dr.  Chimanlal  Gupta Environmental  Scientist  Member 

3. Shri  Vishnu  Joshi Engineer    Member 

4. Shri  Anil  Agarwal Environmental  Scientist  Member 

5. Shri  Yoginder  Alagh Economist,  Planner   Member 

6. Shri  V.  Suresh Engineer    Member 

7. Shri  Christopher  Benninger Architect,  Planner  Member 

8. Shri  T.N.  Gupta Technologist    Member 

9. Shri  Balkrishna  Doshi Architect,  Planner  Member-Secretary 

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