Architect Hafeez Contractor
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Location, Worli  
Client, Vastu Builders  
Completed 1988 
Vastu, one of Hafeez Contractors first and most innovative designs in the field of high-rise luxury apartments looms splendidly over the Worli Seaface. This building ,unusual in appearance is no less unusual in interior planning. A triplex apartment crowns the building, below which are five duplex apartments. Each apartment is centrally air-conditioned and consists of three bedrooms, a double-height living room, dining area, kitchen, a semi-circular deck, store and servants room. 

The superstructure comprises the central staircase and lift core, and two shear walls which go up in the same axis plane upto the tenth floor level. altogether, 19 slabs are suspended from the core and shear walls including a stilt slab, ten slabs for the duplex’s, three slabs for the triplex and the shell dome of the roof. 

The shell-dome is not a complete dome in its true sense, as it is cut into half and perforated with open-to-sky slits. It springs from the terrace level, supported on the end shear walls and composite structural columns; which have been tied at this terrace level so that they can act together transmitting the delta deflections in a global space frame. 
The interiors of the apartments have been designed with great care. Marble replaces the usual cement tile flooring, a free-standing, prefabricated steel staircase clad in marble connects the two floors of each duplex apartment, the kitchen platforms are finished in granite and an exquisite plaster of Paris false ceiling on aluminum frames is fitted over the living and dining areas. Each of the semi-circular cantilevered balconies has a curved pipe railing embedded into the main column of the structure and a flower bed surrounding it. Popularly known as the capsule because of its sleek, cylindrical appearance Vastu was conceived as a landmark and that is exactly what it has become. The tonal grading of blue color on its rear facade echoes the receding blues of the Arabian sea. 

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