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Architectural Projects
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*1. Indraprastha Super Specialty 600 Bed Hospital 
      at New Delhi
Rs.  80  Crores
*2. New Wing for Parsee General Hospital Rs.  20  Crores
*3. Bombay Hospital Part Extension  
  4. PBMA Eye Hospital (75 beds ) , Pune  
  5. KEM Hospital ( 500 beds ) and College , Pune  
  6. Sahara Hospital ( 500 beds) , Lucknow  
  7. IHRI ( 450 beds ) - NOIDA  
  8. Oswin Hospital ( 100 beds ) , Shillong  


1. 5-Star Beach Resort at Balaclava Beach, Mauritius.   Rs.  35  Crores
2. Proposed Lake Resort at Lonawala 
   for Sahara India.
2000    Acres Rs. 100   Crores
3. Resort at Kodaikanal for 
    Maxworth  Orchards Ltd.
2000    Acres Rs.125   Crores
4. Bay-View Hotel at Belapur 
    for Kukreja  Builders.
2.4 Lacs Sq. ft Rs. 12  Crores
5. Resort At Benaulim Beach Goa   Rs.  5   Crores
6. Tourist Resort with Mud House for 
    M/s.M.T.D.C. at Harihareshwar
1.5 Lacs  Sq.Ft. Rs. 4.88   Crores
7. Proposed Five Star Hotel for IDAR HOTELS 
      at Pune.
1,80,000 Sq.Ft. Rs. 54 Crores
8. Hotel Leela Beach at Goa    
9. Hotel Leela Palace at Andheri, Bombay.    
10. Sofitel Royal 5-Star Hotel at Jodhpur 10,000 Sq. M 7 Crores
11. Bramha Bajaj Hotel 5-Star , Pune 25,000 Sq. M  
12. Tourist Resort with mud house for 
      M/s.M.I.D.C. at Harihareshwar
20 Acres Rs.  50 Lacs
*13. Juhu Hotel for Shaktimar Builders Approx. 35,000 Sq.Ft  Rs.  70   Lacs
14. ITC Welcomgroup Hotel , Mumbai    
15. Proposed 5-Star Hotel Hiranandani Const. 
      at Powai

1. J.K. Sports Complex "Collosseum 21 " at Nerul 12,750 sq.m. Rs.50 crores
2. Resort Club at Delhi Approx. 25,000 sq.m Rs.  1.50 Crores
3. Club House and Recreational Facilities at 
    Sewree for M/s.Bharat Petroleum Corp. Ltd.
4. DLF Gymkhana Club at Gurgaon    
5. Resort and Golf Club at Phase-V 
    for DLF Universal Ltd.

1. Proposed training center for the A.V.Birla group 
      at C.B.D. New Bombay
60,000 Sq.Ft. Rs. 14 Crore
2. D.Y.Patil Engg.College at Pune 18.00 Acres Rs. 7.0 Crores
3. Medical College at Kandivili 1,25,000 Sq.Ft. Rs. 13.0 Crores
4. Medical College at Borivili 56,000 Sq.Ft. Rs.  6.0 Crores
5. National College at Bandra  60,000 Sq.Ft. Rs.  6.0 Crores
6. Haji Ali Dargha at Haji Ali 25,000 Sq.Ft. Rs.  5.0 Crores
7. PuneTraining Center for I.O.C.   Rs.  1   Crore
8.Hiranandani Research and Training Center 
      at Powai
5,000   Sq.Ft. Rs.1.35   Crores
9.Office Building for Bandra 
   Kurla Complex
3.5 Lacs  Sq.Ft. Rs.100   Crores
10.Office Complex for Mukand  Steel 10  Lacs  Sq.Ft. Rs.120   Crores
11.Office Building for Andhra Pradesh  State Road 
     Transport Corporation at Hyderabad.
3.5 Lacs  Sq.Ft. Rs. 20   Crores
12.Office Building for Laxmi Finance at 
     Bandra Kurla Complex
2.5 Lacs  Sft Rs. 30   Crores
13. Office Building for Crompton Greaves 60,000   Sq.Ft. Rs.7.2   Crores
14. Office Building Bayer India at Powai  60,000   Sq.Ft. Rs.  3   Crores
15. Office Building for Chemtex Engg. of Ind. Ltd. 90,000   Sq.Ft. Rs. 4.5  Crores
16. Office Building for Bhavsar Builders 0.3 Lac  Sq.Ft Rs.  3   Crores
17. Offices for A.P.S.R.T.C. at Hyderabad 100000   Sq.Ft. Rs. 7.5 Crores
18. Offices of R.P.G. Home Finance 35000   Sq.Ft. Rs. 3.0 Crores
19. Offices for STAR TV, Mumbai. 50000   Sq.Ft. Rs. 5.0  Crores
20. Corporate offices for Blue Dart. 40000   Sq.Ft. Rs. 6.5 Crores
21. Office building for M/s.Chaitanya at Madras 80000  Sq.Ft.  
22. Office building for Shree Balkrishna Group at Jaipur    
23. Office building at Pune for M/s.Mahavir builders 10,000  Sq.Ft.  
24. Office building `Thapar House' for Crompton 
      Greaves  Ltd at Worli.
80,000 Sq.Ft. Rs. 32.0 Crores
25. Office building for Humphrey  & Glasgow at 
60,000 Sq.Ft.  
26. Divisional office bldg. for BPCL at Panjim, Goa.    
27. Citicorp.Centre - office bldg. with Interiors for 
      Citibank N.A. at Bandra Kurla Complex.
1,16,000 Sq.Ft. Rs. 30.0 Crores
28. Office bldg. for Apple Leasing  and Finance 
      at Bandra Kurla Complex.
29. Offices for M/s.D.S.P. Financial Consultants 
      at Nariman Point 
10,000 Sq.Ft.  
30. Office for M/s.Jesal Construction Nariman point 1,000 Sq.Ft. Rs.10 Lacs
31. Office for M/s.GKW at Ballard Estate 4,500 Sq.Ft.  Rs.75 Lacs
32. Office for M/s.Godrej Hi Care at Vikhroli 18,000 Sq.Ft. Rs.2.4 Crore
33. Office for H.L.L. at Vashi  6,000 Sq.Ft.  Rs.75 Lacs
34. Office for M/s.De Nocil 18,000 Sq.Ft. Rs.2 Crore
35. Office for Nirmal Bang 3,500 Sq.Ft. Rs. 35 Lacs
*36.Russi Modi Center of  Excellence at Jamshedpur   Rs.  3.00 Crores 
*37. Rajneesh Ashram, Osho Commune,  Pune.   Rs.  7.00 Crores 
*38.Laboratory Building for M/s.Bharat Petroleum 
      Corporation Ltd. at Chembur 
Approx. 15,000 sq.ft Rs. 10.00 Lacs
*39.Training Center for M/s. Bharat Petroleum 
       Corporation Ltd. at Chembur
Approx. 30,000 sq.ft  Rs.  1.00 Crores
*40.Administrative Building, Dining Hall, 
       Creche, Bridge and Atrium for M/s. 
       Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd. 
       at Chembur
Approx. 1,37,211 sq.ft  Rs. 10.00 Crores
*41.Nursery School for M/s.Bharat Petroleum 
       Corporation Ltd. at Chembur
Approx. 3,500 sq.ft  Rs.  8.00 Crores
*42.Administration Building for M/s.Bharat 
       Petroleum Corporation Ltd. at Sewree
Approx. 28,000 sq.ft  Rs.  84   Lacs
*43. Corporate Offices of the 
        Bajaj Group of Companies
22,000 Sq.Ft. Rs.  4.5 Crores
*44. Corporate offices for Pepsi at Gurgaon, Delhi.  40,000 Sq.Ft. Rs.  5.5 Crores
*45. Offices for "IN-MUMBAI"  40,000 Sq.Ft. Rs.  4.5 Crores
*46. Bayer India House at Powai 60,000 Sq.Ft  Rs.  7.2 crores
47. Pramod Talera office bldg at Pune. 6,000 Sq.Ft. Rs.48 Lacs
48. Sangeet Kala Academy at Indore 85,000 Sq.Ft.  
49. Nestle' Tower at Delhi  5.64 Acres  
50. Litolier Chambers at Marol , Mumbai    
51. Blue Dart Office Building at Sahar    
52. Colgate Palmolive Office at Powai  1,20,000 Sq.Ft.  
53. BSES House Restoration at Khar    
54. JNJ Office Complex at Goregaon 3,86,000 Sq.Ft  
55. P&G Office at Sahar 1,90,000 Sq.Ft   

1. Integrated Commercial and Railway Terminal 
    at Turbhe New Bombay. 
6.5 Lacs  Sq.Ft. Rs. 80   Crores
    Shopping Mall cum Office Building at Powai 
1,50,000  Sq.Ft. Rs. 18   Crores
3. Commercial Complex for Lloyd Reality 2 Lacs   Sq.Ft.  Rs. 20   Crores
4. Office Complex for Budhvani Constructions 1.25 Lacs  Sq.Ft. Rs. 11   Crores
5. M/s. Dynamix 1.89 Lacs  Sq.Ft. Rs. 15   Crores
7. Balaji Bhavan Commercial Complex 
      for Kukreja Builders
2.4 Lacs Sq.Ft. Rs. 12  Crores
8. Commercial complex  at Ahmednagar 12000    Sq.Ft. Rs. 7.2   Crores
9. Vidharba sahitya Sangh, Cultural / 
      Commercial Complex at Nagpur
15 Lacs   Sq.Ft. Rs.  9   Crores
10. Commercial Complex 
      for S.K.V. Vichare at Belapur
70,000 Sq. Ft. Rs. 3.15  Crores
11. Commercial complex for Anil builders at Belapur 70,000 Sq. Ft  Rs. 3.15 Crores
12. Commercial complex 
      for Suresh Raheja at Belapur
100,000 Sq. Ft. Rs. 4.5  Crores
13. Commercial complex 
      for Chawla Builders at Belapur
70,000 Sq. Ft. Rs. 3.15 Crores
14. Commercial Complex at 
      Lamington Road Nasik
40,000 Sq. Ft. Rs. 1.8  Crores
15. Rose wood Plaza Commercial 
      Complex for R.N.A.Builders
35,000 Sq. Ft. Rs. 2.1  Crores
16. Hilton Centre  at  C.B.D.Belapur  1.1 Lacs Sq. Ft. Rs.  6   Crores
17. Commercial Complex at Coimbatore 40,000   Sq. Ft. Rs.  2   Crores
18. Commercial Complex for AN Builders  at Khar. 60,000   Sq. Ft. Rs. 7.2  Crores 
19. Commercial Complex for Mr.Hegde at Andheri 18,000   Sq. Ft. Rs. 81   Lacs 
20. Commercial complex 
      for M/s. Warden Construction of & 
      Finance   Pvt.  Ltd., Belapur.
1.75 Lacs  Sq. Ft. Rs. 14.00 Crores 
21. Commercial Building M/s.Hiranadani 
      at Piramal mills Bombay.
30,000   Sq.Ft. Rs. 2.40   Crores
22. Renovating existing bldg. M/s.H.R.&.C.College, 
80,000 Sq.Ft. Rs. 2.8    Crores
23. Commercial Complex for M/s. Susheel Gupta 
      at  New  Bombay 
1.75 Lacs  Sq.Ft. Rs.14.00  Crores 
24. Commercial Complex for 
      M/s.LLoyds Realty at New Bombay.
1.75 Lacs  Sq.Ft. Rs.14.00  Crores
25. Commercial Complex 
      at Shree Ram Mills Compound
1.70 Lacs Sq.Ft. Rs.12.75  Crores
26. N.R.I. Project  Gwalior 1.25 Lacs Sq.Ft.  65 Acres 
27. Commercial Complex 
     At Bandup for Dudhwala Builders
  Rs.4.43   Crores
28. Commercial Office at Pune for Century Builders 
      Birla Group of Companies.
72000    Sq.Ft. Rs.2.7    Crores 
29. Commercial complex for Navin Vikas Pvt.Ltd. 
    at CBD Belapur
38000     Sq.Ft. Rs.1.52   Crores
30. Commercial Complex at Koramangala Bangalore 
      For V. Bhakaia Kumar
60000     Sq.Ft. Rs.3.9    Crores
31. Commercial Tower at  Chowringhee Calcutta. 1.65 Lacs Sq.Ft. Rs.14.85Crores 
32. Building at R. Santhosh Road,Calcutta 
      For Shivaji Construction. 
72000    Sq.Ft. Rs.3.75   Crores
33. For ALKA at Santacruz for M/s.Raheja Builders 18,000    Sq.Ft.  Rs.  9    Lacs 
34. Shopping Complex Karia at Pune 15,000     Sq.Ft. Rs.1.05 Crores
35. Commercial Complex at Kalina 17,600     Sq. Ft. Rs.1.76 Crores
36. Commercial Complex at Caddie Road. 5,900    Sq. Ft. Rs.76.70  Lacs
37. Commercial Complex at Saki Vihar Road. 1,57,000   Sq.Ft. Rs.20.4 Crores
38. Deshmukh Builders (Tower at Borivili) 1,20,000   Sq.Ft. Rs.14.4 Crores
39. Yari Road at Versova 1,20,000   Sq.Ft. Rs.12.0 Crores
40. Dosti Builders at Kandivili  2,00,000   Sq.Ft. Rs. 20.0 Crores
41. Lloyds at Khargar 3,00,000   Sq.Ft. Rs. 30.0 Crores
42. Amazon Park at Borivali. 2.5 Lacs   Sq.Ft. Rs. 15 Crores 
43. Midtown Towers  Worli  80000  Sq. Ft. Rs. 6.4 Crores
44. Sanskriti at Malad 28000  Sq.Ft. Rs. 1.4  Crores 
45. Tarang at Khar 7000   Sq.Ft. Rs.  7    Lacs
46. For A.N.Builders at Khar 8000   Sq.Ft. Rs.  4    Lacs
47. Proposed Showroom for Satguru's Arts & Crafts 
      at Linking Rd., Mumbai.
12,000 Sq.Ft. Rs. 1.8 Crores
48. Commercial building at Worli for Kamlesh Real Estates. 10,000 Sq.Ft. Rs.1.0 Crore
49. Commercial building 
      for M/s.Warden Finance at Belapur.
33.00 Acres Rs.5.0 Crores
50. Commercial building for 
     M/s.Stallion Estates at Lower Parel
80,000 Sq.Ft. Rs. 6.0 Crores
51. Commercial building for M/s.Vidhi 
      Builder at Chembur
3,000 Sq.Ft. Rs.  6.0 Crores
52. Commercial bldg. "Prathmesh" 
      at Nasik for Talware Builders
30,000 Sq.Ft. Rs.1.5 Crores
53. Departmental store at Bandra for M/s.Kaysons 22,000 Sq.Ft. Rs. 2.6 Crores
*54.Commercial Complex at Belapur - New Bombay 
    for M/s.Bhagat & Kapoor
Approx. 80,000 Sq. Ft.  Rs.  1.20 Crores
*55.Commercial Building "Mantri House" at 
     F.C.Road - Pune
Approx. 17,000 Sq. Ft. Rs.  40   Lacs
*56. Truck Terminal at Wadala (Amenity bldg.) 45,000 Sq.Ft.  
*57.Commercial Complex at New Bombay for 
     M/s.Vichare & Co. 
Approx. 90,000 Sq.Ft  Rs. 4.00  Crores
*58. Commercial building for M/s.Stock Holding at 
1,75,000 Sq.Ft. Rs. 16 Crores
59.Commercial Complex for M/s.Thakur 
     Builders at Virar
Approx. 35,000 Sq.Ft Rs.  87   Lacs 
60. Proposed commercial bldg. `HMG REGENCY' 
      for HMG Engg. at Sahar, Mumbai.
1,20,000 Sq.Ft. Rs. 12 Crores
61. Proposed commercial bldg. for Deshmukh Builders 
      at Jogeshwari, Mumbai.
1,00,000 Sq.Ft. Rs. 7 Crores
62. Plaza Tower for DLF at Gurgaon 12,800 Sq.M  
63. Archana Commercial Complex for DLF at Delhi  2 Acres  
64. Savitri Commercial Complex for DLF at Delhi  
65. Shopping Center for SAB Industries , NOIDA 33,000 Sq.Ft.   
66. Office Building for Mr. Monu Chawla at Delhi 280 Sq. M.  
67. Shopping-cum-commercial complex for Kolte-Patil at Pune 1,70,000 Sq.Ft   
68. Multiplex at Ahemadabad 5 lac. Sq.Ft.  
69. Office Complex for Uday Jasani at Versova    
70. HDFC / CIBA-GEIGY Complex at Goregaon     
71. Commercial/Residential Complex for Advance 
      Constructions at Nerul
50,000 Sq.Ft  
73. Moulsari Commercial Complex at Delhi for DLF 2.11 Acres   
74. Galleria for DLF  3.774 Acres 

1. Crompton Greaves Transformer factory 1.5  Lacs   Sq. Ft. Rs. 12   Crores
2. Industrial building for 
    M/s.Eastern Overseas Pvt.Ltd. at vashi.
55,000 Sq.Ft. Rs.4.95 Lacs
*3. Sumeet Factory at Nasik Approx. 2,35,000 Sq.Ft Rs.  5.00 Crores
4. TIE INDIA    

1. Konark poonam 20,000     Sq.Ft. Rs.1.40 Crores 
   Kopar Khairane
10 Lacs  Sq. Ft. Rs. 60  Crores 
3. Garden Estate Thane for M/s. Sandeshwar Const. 12 Lacs   Sq.Ft. Rs.54   Crores
4. Konark Puram Phase-II at Pune. 3.5 Lacs   Sq.Ft. Rs.10.5 Crores
5. Mahavir Darshan at Worli 45,000 Sq. Ft. Rs. 1.5 Crores
6. Broadway Avenue at Mira Road 6 Lacs Sq. Ft. Rs. 21  Crores 
7. Oak Land Park  at  Andheri 2 Lacs Sq.Ft. Rs. 7.8 Crores
8. Amrit Shakti Powai Phase I  4.25 Lacs Sq.Ft. Rs.19.5 Crores 
9.     ,,        ,,         ,,   Phase II  4.0 Lacs Sq.Ft. Rs. 20  Crores 
10. Sarvodaya Nagar at  Mulund 1.1 Lacs Sq. Ft. Rs.7.15 Crores
11. P.T.Jain  at Powai  40,000  Sq. Ft. Rs.1.8  Crores
12. Kapoor Towers  at Bhayander 58,000  Sq. Ft. Rs.  2  Crores 
13. For Mr Rajan Raheja 65,000  Sq. Ft. Rs.2.27 Crores
14. Palace Orchard at Pune 3.25 Lacs Sq. Ft. Rs.17.87 Crores 
15. For M/s. Premier Construction 20,000 Sq. Ft. Rs.   90 Lacs
16. Residential Resort  at Goa 80,000  Sq. Ft. Rs.  6.0  Crores
17.Town Houses at Khar for A.N. Builders 20,000 Sq. Ft. Rs. 1.5  Crores
19.Diamond District for India Builders 14 Lacs Sq. Ft. Rs. 56  Crores 
20.Complex for Ramesh Builders at Pune 2 Lacs Sq. Ft. Rs.  9   Crores
21.Konark Kinnara at Pune 65,000 Sq. Ft . Rs.2.27 Crores 
22.Konark Paradise at Lonawala 100,000 Sq. Ft. Rs.  4  Crores
23.For Hiranandani Group of Companies at Powai: 
1.25 Lacs 
1.70 Lacs 
1.60 Lacs 
1.40 Lacs 
1.60 Lacs
Rs.8.75 Crores 
Rs.11.9 Crores 
Rs. 1.2 Crores 
Rs. 1.2 Crores 
Rs.12.8 Crores
24. Videocon Towers at Kandivli  2.5  Lacs Rs.20  Crores
25. Building for M/s.Mahindra & Mahindra at Tardeo 70,000 Sq. Ft. Rs.8.4 Crores
26. For M/s. Arenja Builder at C.B.D. Belapur 1,25000 Sq. Ft. Rs. 7.5 Crores
27. Om Rockedel at Bandra 40,000  Sq. Ft. Rs.  2  Crores
28. Aries,Capricon Saggitarius for Indo Saigon at Malad 1,50,000 Sq. Ft. Rs. 6.75 Crores 
29. Residential Complex for Ashok Vardhan at Andheri. 1,00,000 Sq. Ft. Rs.4.5  Crores 
30. Residential Complex for Ashok Vardhan at Borivili 1,15,000 Sq. Ft. Rs.5.18 Crores 
31. Residential Complex for M/s. R.N.A.Builders 
      at Mulund
40,000  Sq. Ft. Rs. 1.8 Crores 
32. For M/s.Talware Builders at Nasik 18,000  Sq. ft. Rs.  81 Lacs 
33. For M/s. Lalasa Constructions at Malad 20,000  Sq.Ft. Rs.1.0  Crores
34. For M/s.Sushil Gupta at Mulund 50,000  Sq.Ft. Rs. 3.0  Crores
35. Residential Building at Pune Karia Builders  28,000  Sq.Ft. Rs.  63  Lacs
36. "Konark Angan" at Pune 45,000  Sq.Ft. Rs. 1.24 Crores 
37. Residential Building at Nagar   Road, Pune. 25,000 Sq.Ft. Rs.   66 Lacs
38. For Marol Land  Dev. at Vikhroli. 65,000  Sq.Ft. Rs.2.24 Crores
39  For M/s.Mandhana Builders 38,000  Sq.Ft.  
40. Mass Housing Project for Logo Income Group 
      at Khargar.
10,00,000 Sq.Ft. Rs.30.0 Crores
41. Residential Housing Scheme `Royal Crescent' 
      at Ahmedabad.
4,00,000 Sq.Ft. Rs.25.0 Crores 
42. Residential project at Goa for Tata Hsg.Dev. 
43. Residential project at Cochin for Tata Hsg.Dev. 
44. Residential bldg. for IOC at Bandra Kurla Complex.     
45. Residential Building Buckley Court at Colaba, Bombay.     
46. Residential complex for Kamal Joshi at Pune. 4,00,000 Sq.Ft.  
47. Raheja Arcade Sector 11, C.B.D. 
      Belapur, New Bombay 
1,00,000 Sq.Ft. Rs.10 Crores 
48. Anil builders, sector 11, C.B.D. Belapur. 75,000 Sq.Ft. Rs.7.5 Crores 
49. `Sky Lark' sector 11, C.B.D Belapur. 75,000 Sq.Ft. Rs.7.5 Crores
50. Mantri Venture at Goregaon 40,000 Sq.Ft. Rs.3 Crores
51. R.N.A. Narinder Park - II at Mira Road. 60,000 Sq.Ft. Rs.3 Crores
52. Shreejidham Developers, Row Houses at Nasik 1,00,000 Sq.Ft. Rs.8.5 Crores 
53. Residential Project of Shalimar Hill Park at Pune 2,75,000 Sq.Ft. Rs.4.9 Crores 
54. Mantri Venture, Goregaon  40,000 Sq.Ft. Rs.3 Crores
55. Satguru Shelters at Bhayander 2,50,000 Sq.Ft. Rs.20.54 Crore
56. Proposed residential building at 
      Khargar for Mr.Gulab Gupta
60,000 Sq.Ft. Rs.4.5 Crores
57. Residence for M/s.Nirmal Bang 2,500 Sq.Ft. Rs. 50 Lacs 
58. Royale Manor (Accor Group) at Jodhpur 10,000 Sq.Ft. Rs. 7.2 Crores
59. Proposed residential bldg. ‘Hamilton Court' 
     for D.L.F Universal Ltd. at Gurgaon.
9,80,000 Sq.Ft. Rs. 95 Crores
60. Proposed residential bldg. `Diplomat Senator' 
      for D.L.F. Universal Ltd. at Gurgaon
12,00,000 Sq.Ft. Rs. 108 Crores
61. `Belvedere Court' residential bldg. 
      for Thakkar Group & Vijay Associates(Diamond) 
      Ltd.  at Worli, Mumbai.
2,50,000 Sq.Ft. Rs.  45 Crores
62. Proposed residential bldg. `Maple Heights' 
      for PLP Enterprises at Mulund 
2,00,000 Sq.Ft. Rs. 24 Crores 
63. Proposed commercial bldg. `Konark Shram' 
      for Karia Builders at Tardeo, Mumbai.
45,000 Sq.Ft.  Rs.6.75 Crores 
64. Proposed residential bldg. `Binny Crescent' 
      for HMG at Bangalore. 
2,00,000 Sq.Ft. Rs.16 Crores
65. Proposed residential bldg. `HMG PREMIERE' 
      for HMG at Engg. at Bangalore.
45,000 Sq.Ft. Rs. 3.6 Crores 
66. Proposed residential bldg for Aspan Cooper 
      Spenta properties   at Forjett St, Mumbai.
40,000 Sq.Ft. Rs. 5.2 Crores
67. Proposed residential bldg for Aspan Cooper Spenta 
      Prop.  at Mumbai.
10,000 Sq.Ft. Rs. 1.0 Crore 
68. Proposed residential bldg. `Lok Everest' 
       for Lok Group at Mulund, Mumbai.
7,00,000 Sq.Ft. Rs. 63 Crores
69. Proposed residential bldg. `Silverline' 
       for Madhuban Builders at Pune.
35,000 Sq.Ft.  Rs. 2.1 Crores 
70. Proposed residential bldg. `Beverly Park' 
       for Marathe Group at New Bombay.
1,50,000 Sq.Ft. Rs. 10 Crores
71. Proposed residential bldg K.Khairane. 
       for Marathe Group.
16,000 Sq.Ft. Rs. 95 Lacs 
72. Proposed residential bldg. at Nerul 
       for Mayuresh Group
16,000 Sq.Ft. Rs. 95 Lacs.
73. Proposed layout scheme `Hinduja Estate' for 
       the  Hinduja group at Bangalore
120 acres Rs. 25 Crore 
74. Proposed slum Redevelopment Scheme 
      for Provincial Housing & Prop. Ltd. at Mumbai.
3,25,000 Sq.Ft.  Rs.  33 Crores
75. Residence building for M/s.Bapna at Calcutta. 1,15,000 Sq.Ft. Rs.11.0 Crores 
a. Phase-I 
b. Phase-II 
c. Club House 
20 Lacs  Sq.Ft. 
12 Lacs  Sq.Ft. 
15000    Sq. Ft.
Rs.120  Crores 
Rs. 85   Crores 
Rs. 2.5  Crores
*78. M/s. Om. Sadan Pvt Ltd. Approx. 90,000 Sq.Ft Rs. 6.0 Crores 
*79. Sai Baba Hotel at Sairdi Shri Om Sadan   Rs. 30.0 Crores 
*80. Om Niketan Approx. 33,000 Sq.Ft Rs. 66 Lacs 
*81. Konark Terraces for M/s. Karia 
        Builders at Pune
Approx. 22,000 Sq.Ft  Rs.    45 Lacs 
*82. Konark House for M/s. Karia 
        Builders at Pune
Approx. 23,000 Sq.Ft Rs.    46 Lacs
*83. "Gagan Giri" for M/s.Shreepal 
         Construction company at Thane
  Rs.    69 Lacs
*84. Beach Classic for M/s. Hiranandani 
        Constructions at Versova
  Rs.  1.0 Crore
*85. Om Ratan at Worli Approx. 25,000 Sq.Ft  Rs.    75 Lacs
*86.Residential Building "Megh Malhar" 
       at Goregoan for M/s.Transcon Builders
Approx. 2,60,000 Sq.Ft Rs.20.0 Crores 
*87. Residential Building "Green Fields" at 
       Mahakali Caves Road - Andheri for 
       M/s.RNA Builders
Approx. 9,00,000 Sq.Ft Rs.15.0 Crores 
*88. Residential Building "Oakland Park" 
       (Obelishoyester) at Yamuna Nagar - 
       Versova for M/s.RNA Builders
Approx. 60,000 Sq.Ft Rs.15.00 Crores 
*89.Proposed Building "Arenja Corner" for 
      M/s.Shahi Construction at Vashi
Approx. 98,000 Sq.Ft  Rs. 2.50 Crores
*90.Residential Building for M/s. Allied 
       Holding Pvt. Ltd. at Bombay Central
Approx. 12,000 Sq.Ft Rs.  1.10 Crores
*91."Konark Towers" for M/s.Karia Builders 
Approx. 2,00,000 Sq.Ft Rs.  6.00 Crores
*92."Konark Park" for M/s.Karia Builders 
Approx. 1,00,000 Sq.Ft  Rs. 25.00 Crores
*93.Konark Estates at Connaught Road 
       for M/s.Karia Builders.
Approx. 1,30,000 Sq.Ft Rs.  5.00 Crores
*94."Konark Nagar" for M/s. Karia Builders Approx.  7,00,000 Sq. ft Rs. 21.00 Crores 
*95."Konark Vihar" at Yerwada - Kalyani 
        Nagar for M/s.Karia Builders - Pune
  Rs.  1.50 Crores
*96."Konark Apartments" at Mulund 
       Goregaon Link Road - Mulund(W) for 
       M/s.Karia Builders - Pune.
  Rs.  1.05 Crores
*97.Bharat Petroleum "C" & "D" type 
       30 flats 
Approx. 2,00,000 Sq.Ft  Rs.  8.00 Crores
*98.Bharat Petroleum Communicare 
       Complex at Chembur
Approx. 10,500 Sq.Ft  Rs.  31.5 Lacs 
*99.Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd. 
      "C" & "D" type 330 flats
Approx. 9,62,500 Sq.Ft  Rs. 24.06 Crores 
*100.Residential Building "Vastu" at Worli Approx. 25,000 Sq.Ft  Rs.  1.50 Crores 
*101.Residential Building "Vastu" at Juhu Approx. 26,000 Sq.Ft Rs.  1.30 Crores
*102.Residential Building for M/s.Bhagat 
        Erectors  and Developers  Pvt. Ltd. at Versova
Approx. 1,00,000 Sq.Ft Rs.  4.00 Crores
*103.Residential Building "Mantri Apartments" 
         at Salisbury Park - Pune
Approx. 12,000 Sq.Ft  Rs.  25   Lacs 
*104."Konark Enclave" at Bund Garden Road for 
          M/s.Karia Builders - Pune 
  Rs.  2.00 Crores
*105.Residential Complex for M/s.Hiranandani 
        Constructions at Powai
Approx. 3,00,000 Sq.Ft Rs. 15.00 Crores 
*106.Residential Building for Mr.Champalal 
         Vardhan at Sion
Approx. 40,000 Sq.Ft  Rs.  2.00 Crores 
*107.Office Building for M/s.Sumeet Machines 
        Pvt. Ltd. at Prabhadevi 
Approx. 60,000 Sq.Ft  Rs.  30   Lacs
*108.Residential Complex "Gagan" for M/s. 
        Transcon  Builders at Gokuldham - Goregaon
Approx. 60,000 Sq.Ft  Rs.  3.80 Crores
*109.Residential Complex Mehul Co-operative 
      Housing Society for M/s.EMEM Builders 
      and Developers Pvt. Ltd. at Sector 
      Vashi - New Bombay
Approx. 11,500 Sq.Ft Rs.  2.59 Lacs 
110.Residential Complex "Konark Nivas" for M/s. 
      Karia Builders at Tadiwalla Lane - Pune
Approx. 11,000 Sq.Ft Rs.   22  Lacs 
111."Konark Villa" Bungalow Scheme for M/s. 
       Karia Builders at Kalyani Nagar, Pune
Approx. 75,600 Sq.Ft  Rs. 4.20  Crores 
112."Konark Arcade" at Nagar Road - Pune 
       for M/s.Karia Builders
Approx. 20,000 Sq.Ft  Rs.  40   Lacs 
113."Konark Abhishek" at Market Yard - Pune 
       for M/s.Karia Builders 
Approx. 18,000 Sq.Ft Rs.  45   Lacs 
114.Residential Building "Wimbledon", "Wembley" 
       and "Winston" for M/s.Omlumpus Builders 
       at Vile Parle 
Approx. 28,000 Sq.Ft  Rs. 1.12  Crores 
115.Residential Complex at Borivali for 
      M/s.R.N.A. Builders 
Approx. 4,50,000 Sq.Ft  Rs.22.50  Crores
116.Residential Building "Tulip Park" at 
      Marol for M/s.RNA Builders
Approx. 50,000 Sq.Ft  Rs. 2.50  Crores
117.Residential Complex at Bhandup for 
      M/s.RNA Builders
Approx. 30,000 sq.ft  Rs. 1.80  Crores
118.Residential Complex at Yari Road for 
      M/s.Govani Builders
Approx. 90,000 sq.ft  Rs. 8.00  Crores
119.Residential Complex at Gaothan - Pune for 
      M/s.Karia Builders
Approx. 1,00,000 sq.ft  Rs. 6.00  Crores
120.Residential and Commercial Complex at 
      Banneraghatta Road - Bangalore for 
      M/s.Classic Construction Co.
Approx.  7,50,000 sq.ft  Rs.13.125 Crores
121."Konark Riveria" at Nagar Road for 
       M/s.Karia Builders - Pune
Approx. 10,146 sq.ft  Rs.23.365 Crores
122. Residential cum Commercial Complex 
     "Golder's Green" at Borivali for 
      M/s.RNA Builders
Approx1,00,000 sq.ft  Rs.  3.00 Crores
123. Housing Complex "Saket" for M/s.Transcon 
       Builders at Thane
Approx. 4,00,000 sq.ft Rs. 32.00 Crores
124. Residential Building "Sher-E-Punjab" at 
       Mahakali Road for M/s.RNA Builders
Approx. 20,000 sq.ft  Rs.  40   Lacs 
125."Mantri Estates" for M/s.Mantri Construction 
       at Pune
Approx. 1,00,000 sq.ft  Rs. 2.00  Crores 
126. Residential Building "Prabhu Darshan" for 
       M/s.Karia Builders at Ghatkopar
Approx. 10,000 sq.ft  Rs.  42   Lacs
127. Residential Building "Chandralok" for 
        M/s.Karia Builders at Ghatkopar
Approx. 10,000 sq.ft  Rs.  30   Lacs 
128. Residential Building "West Video" for 
       M/s.Shreeji Developers at Andheri 
Approx. 15,000 sq.ft Rs.  45   Lacs 
129. Residential Building "Mantri Nagar" at 
       Erwande - Pune for M/s.Mantri Construction
Approx. 1,00,000 sq.ft  Rs. 2.50  Crores 
130. Residential cum Shopping Complex at 
        Kurla for M/s.Dedhwala Construction 
Approx. 1,90,000 sq.ft  Rs. 4.75  Crores
131. Rughani Raghuranshi Builders at 
Approx. 7,000 sq.ft  Rs.  25   Lacs 
132. Residential cum commercial building 
        at Valsad for Premier Construction.
30,000 Sq.Ft. Rs. 1.25 Crores 
133. Mansion mansions Row houses 15,000 Sq.Ft. Rs.1.275 Crores
134. Mantri Park, Pune -I & II    (Residence) 1,00,000 Sq.Ft. Rs.7.5 Crores 
135. Mantri Avenue I & II Pune 1,00,000 Sq.Ft. Rs.7.5 Crores 
136. Vijay Builders "Dehbanoo" at Nasik. 12,000 Sq.Ft. Rs.54 Lacs 
137. Konark Indraprastha at Mulund for Karias 2,50,000 Sq.Ft.   
138. Residential building for 
        M/s.Karia builders at Devidayal Road.
40,000 Sq.Ft.  
139. Residential building for 
        M/s.Vissanji Estates at Nepean Sea Road.
30,000 Sq.Ft.   
140. Hostel at Pune 75,000 Sq.Ft.  
141.Residential bldg. `Pournima 
      Saurabh' for Marathe group 
      at Vashi, New Bombay
15,000 Sq.Ft. Rs.90 Lacs 
142.Peregrine at Prabhadevi for M/s. Tata Housing 80,000 Sq. Ft Rs.  12  Crores 
143. DLF Phase - V Township at Gurgaon    
144. 'Windsor Court' for DLF Universal Ltd. at Gurgaon 24 Acres Rs.58 crores 
145. Residential for DLF 7 Acres  
146. 'Casa Royale' for DLF Universal Ltd. at Gurgaon 17.21Acres   
147.Residential for DLF Universal Ltd. at Gurgaon 17Acres  
148. Florentine for ITC at MahinderPuri 22 Acres   
149. '19-Acre' for DLF Universal Ltd. at Gurgaon    
150. 'Beverly Park-I' for DLF Universal Ltd. at Gurgaon 5.82 Acres   
151. 'Beverly Park-II&III' for DLF Universal Ltd. at Gurgaon 6.85 Acres  
152. Bayview for Godrej at Worli     
153. Konark Empress for Karia at Worli     
154. Konark Campus for Karia at Pune    
155. Konark Prakalp for Karia at Bandra    
156. Konark Classic for Karia at Bandra    
157. 'Richmond Park' at Qutab Enclave Phase-IV, Gurgaon 
       for DLF Universal Ltd.
158. Arenja Tower at CBD Belapur    
159. Arenja Govind Complex , Vashi 1,76,000 Sq.Ft.   
160. Sai Arcade , Khargar 1,40,000 Sq.Ft.   
160. Empire Estate , Khargar 1,40,000 Sq.Ft.   
161. Suraj for Dilip Thakkar at Breach Candy 
162. Mahindra Gardens at Goregaon     
163. River Wood Park at Dombivali     
164. Nalin Akshan Housing for I.S. 
        Officers at Nerul 
1.5 Lac Sq.Ft  Rs. 18 crores
165.Residential Building for Lok Group 
        at Mulund 
166. Florentine for ITC at MahinderPuri

*1.Bungalow Scheme for M/s.Karia 
       Builders Pune
Approx. 1,25,000 sq.ft  Rs.  2.50 Crores 
*2. Bungalow for M/s.Sterlite 
      Industries at Samudra Mahal 
l5,000 Sq.Ft.  
*3. Bungalow at Ahmednagar for the Damanias. 15,000 Sq.Ft. Rs.5.0 Crores 
*4. Residence at Dadar 
      for Mrs & Mr. Damania.
3,000 Sq.Ft. Rs.1.25 Crores.
*5. Bungalow at Pune, Kalyaninagar 
      for Mr. & Mrs.Desai.
18,000 Sq.Ft. Rs. 50 Lacs 
*6.Yashodham Bungalow at Goregaon for 
     M/s.Transcon Builders
Approx.  15,000 Sq.Ft Rs.  37   Lacs
7. Bungalow at Mandva 8,000 Sq.Ft. Rs.1.5 Crore 
8. Bungalow for Mrs. & Mr.Rajeev Modi at Ahmedabad. 8,500 Sq.Ft. Rs.1.0 Crore 
9. Bungalow for Mrs. & Mr.Bangur at Calcutta 20,000 Sq.Ft.  
10. Residential Bldg. at Bandra for Mrs.Khan. 20,000 Sq.Ft.  
11. Bungalow for Mr.Basu CEO Star TV, India  4,000 Sq.Ft. Rs.1.0 Crore 
12. Residence for Chairman Assam Company Calcutta. 15,000   Sq.Ft.  
13. Bungalow for Mr.Lalit Suri New Delhi. 15,000   Sq.Ft.  
14. Residence  of Mr. N.Karia  at Pune.    
15. Interiors and development of Mr.Talera's Bungalow at Pune.    
16. Residence of Mr. Mubarak Singh at Oshiwara    
I N T E R I O R   P R O J E C T S
1.  Offices for Chemtex Engineering India Ltd. at Powai. 65,000  sq.ft.  
2.  Office premises for Stock Holding Corporation of India Ltd. 53,000  sq.ft.  
3.  Office premises for Export Credit Guarantee Corporation Ltd. 52,000  sq.ft.  
4.  Office premises for T.C.I. (Travel Corporation of India Ltd.)  10,000  sq.ft.   
5.  Corporate office of Hinduja Finance 4,500   sq.ft.   
6.  Renovation and Office Interiors for Sahara India, Calcutta. 30,000   sq.ft.   
7.  Office for Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd. in the 
      New Administrative  Building at Chembur,Bombay.
70,000  sq.ft.  
8.  Offices for The British Deputy High Commission, Bombay. 30,000  sq.ft.  
9.  Offices for Nestle India,    New Delhi. 30,000  sq.ft.  
10. Offices for D.L.F. Universal Ltd., New Delhi.  30,000  sq.ft.   
11. Times Guaranty  Financial Ltd., Times of India,Bombay.  8,500  sq.ft.  
12. Offices for ISEC Ltd., at Ramon House & Mistry Bhavan, Bombay. 12,500  sq.ft.   
13. Offices  for D.S.P. Financial Ltd.  10,000  sq.ft.  
14. Offices for   Ceat  Ltd.  15,000  sq.ft.   
15. Offices   for E.T. & M.T. Department, Times of India. 18,000  sq.ft.  
16. Bharat Petroleum  Corporation Ltd. Training Office at Sewree. 30,000  sq.ft.  
17. Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd. Office at Udyog Bhavan. 12,000  sq.ft.  
18. Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd. Office at Maker Towers. 20,000  sq.ft.   
19. Reservation Counter for Central Railway at V.T. 22,000  sq.ft.  
20. Classified Advertisement Hall for Benett & Coleman.,Bombay. 2,500  sq.ft.   
21. Advertisement Department for Times of India, Bombay. 6,000  sq.ft.  
22. Office for Mr.Parimal Shroff at Alcot House, Fort,Bombay.     
23. Bombay Hospital Conference Hall cum Cafeteria at 
1,200   sq.ft.   
24. Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd. Office at Calcutta. 15,000   sq.ft.   
25. Offices for Prakash Roadlines Office at Chembur,Bombay.    
26. Bombay Hospital Deluxe, First Class Rooms and Main Entrance Lobby.     
27. Offices for  Bush India Mahalaxmi,Bombay. 15,000   sq.ft.   
28. U.T.I.Institute of Capital Market,Vashi. 35,000   sq.ft.   
29. Offices   for Blue Blends Texturizing Pvt.Ltd. Bombay. 2,000   sq.ft.   
30. Corporate  offices for Infrastructure Leasing and Financial Services 
      Ltd., Bombay,4th Floor,Mahindra Tower,Bombay.
12,000   sq.ft.  
31. Offices for Maker Development  Services Ltd. 11,000   sq.ft.  
32. Project office for Infrastructure  leasing and Financial Services Ltd., 
      Ist floor, Mahindra Tower,Bombay.
8,000   sq.ft. 
33. Office for Sopariwala  Exports.   
34. Office  for Hindustan lever    
35. Office  for Nippon Denro  Ispat Ltd.     
36. Office Interiors for B.V.Stars.     
37. Office  for Infrastructure Leasing  and Financial  Services Ltd., 
      New Delhi.
8,000   sq.ft.   
38. Stock Holding Corproation of India Ltd., New Bombay. 2,10,000   sq.ft.   
39. Offices of Synergy Credit  Corporation  2,000   sq.ft.   
40. Offices for Oberoi Builders at Andheri. Bombay 10,000   sq.ft.   
41. Office for Electrex at Andheri,Bombay. 15,000   sq.ft.   
42. Office for Lloyds Finance Ltd. 
      at Raheja Centre,Nariman Point,Bombay. 
43. Office for Shri Ram Mills.  2,000   sq.ft.   
44. Offices for Infrastructure Leasing and Financial Services Ltd 
      at Bangalore. 
10,000   sq.ft.   
45. Offices for Usha Martin Telekom Calcutta.  11,500   sq.ft.   
46. Offices for Assam Company,Calcutta  22,000   sq.ft.  
47. Offices for Capital Market,Bombay. 6,000   sq.ft.   
48. Offices for Kotak  Mahindra Finance Ltd., Bombay. 21,000   sq.ft   
49. Corporate offices for Bajaj Group of Companies, 
      Bajaj Bhavan, Bombay. 
22,000   sq.ft.   
50. Offices for Unitex Products Ltd., 
      Ballard Estate, Bombay. 
35,000   sq.ft.   
51. Office for Kotak Mahindra Finance Ltd. 16,000   sq.ft.   
52. Office for Lloyds Finance Ltd.  10,000   sq.ft.  
53. Office for Bayer India Ltd. at Powai  80,000   sq.ft.  
54. Office for Slamwear Pvt. Ltd. 40,000   sq.ft.   
55. Office for PEPSI  45,000   sq.ft.   
56. Offices for IL & FS Bangalore  11,000   sq.ft.   
57. Offices for Booz Allen Hamilton    5,500   sq.ft.   
58. Offices for Citi Bank  70,000   sq.ft.   
59. Offices for Colgate Palmolive 1,00,000   sq.ft.   
60. Offices for Graphite India Ltd. at Calcutta  15,000   sq.ft.   
61. Office for R.B.I at Ballard Estate 1,00,000   sq.ft.   
62. Office for National Telecom    
63. Office Interior for M/s.Lloyds at Vashi 85,000 Sq.Ft. Rs.  8.5 Crores 
64. Office interior for M/s.S.Kumar at Marine Drive. 1,000 Sq.Ft.  Rs. 13 Lac 
65. Office interior for M/s.E.C.G.C. Pvt.Ltd. at Bandra. 11,000 Sq.Ft. Rs. 77.0 Lacs
66. Office interior for M/s.Eastern 
      Overseas Pvt.Ltd. at Vashi.
90,000 Sq.Ft. Rs. 1.0 Crore. 
67. Office Interior for M/s.S.Kumar at Lower Parel. 6,000 Sq.Ft. Rs.26.0 Lacs 
68. Office interior for K.C.College at Churchgate. 4,000 Sq.Ft. Rs. 1.0 Crore 
69. Office Interiors for Damania Airways at Worli  3,000 Sq.Ft. Rs.50.0 Lacs 
70. Office Interiors at vakola Santacruz 
      for Damania Airways
10,000 Sq.Ft.  
71.  Interiors of Jewelry shop and Residence for 
       Tribhuvandas Bhimji Zaveri at Khar.
8,000  sq.ft   
72. Interiors of Gabbana fashion shop at Breach Candy     
73. Times  Bank at V.T.,Bombay 18,000   sq.ft.   
74. Times Bank at Khar,Bombay 3,000   sq.ft.   
75. I.C.I.C.I. Bank at Nariman Point. 10,000   sq.ft.   
76. Indusind Bank,Opera House. 8,000  sq.ft.  
78. Office for I.C.I.C.I. Bank at free Press House, 
       Nariman Point.
10,000  sq.ft.   
79. Office for Times Bank,Times of India  Building. 15,000  sq.ft.   
80. Office for STAR TV at Andheri    
81. Interiors for IL&FSL at Mumbai     
82. Interior for Office of Mr. R.P.Hinduja , 
      INCENTRE, Marol 
83. Karia's Office at Bandra     
84. Corporate Park at Gurgaon for DLF Universal Ltd.     
1. Office for Jet Airways  60,000   sq.ft. 
2. Office for Gulf Air at Colaba.   
3. Offices for Damania Airways.   3,500   sq.ft. 
4. Trans World Airlines Office at 
    Bangalore,Madras,Cochin, Hyderabad and Ahmedabad.
5. Singapore Airlines Office at Calcutta. 2,000   sq.ft 
6. Trans World Airlines Traffic Office and Lounge at 
     Sahar International Airport. 
1,500  sq.ft. 
7. Silver Crest Lounge for Singapore Airlines at 
      Sahar International Airport.
1,000  sq.ft. 
8. Traffic Office for Singapore Airlines at 
      Sahar  International Airport. Bombay
500  sq.ft.
1. Hotel Holiday Inn for Balwas International 
      at Ahmedabad.
30,000     sq.ft. 
2. Hotel for I.T.C. Group at Mahabalipuram.  1,00,000   sq.ft. 
3 . Suites for   Park Sheraton Hotel Towers 
     at Madras of  I.T.C.
9,000   sq.ft. 
4. Khyber Restaurant at  Kala Ghoda.  
5. Dinning Hall for clerical staff for Bharat Petrolium 
    Corporation Ltd.  at Sewree,Bombay. 
6. Executive Dining Hall forBharat Petroleum 
    Corporation Ltd at  Bharat Bhavan,Bombay. 
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