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Hiranandani Gardens & Office Park 
Hiranandani Gardens & Office Park  
Location, Powai, Mumbai  
Client, Hiranandani Constructions Pvt. Ltd.  

Hiranandani Gardens is a complete township under development opposite the Powai and Vihar lakes in Bombay. Thousands of acres of wooded hills of the National Park overlook the complex. It is located off the main Powai road which forms a part of a more important link road ( the Jogeshwari-Vikhroli Link Road ) linking the Western and Eastern suburbs and New Bombay. 


The Office park is located at the City Centre of the Hiranandani Gardens. At the junction of the Main Street and Central Avenue is a rotunda with an aesthetically decorated central island. On three sides are shopping arcades with offices and on the fourth side of the rotunda are located large office buildings for the corporate sector. The Office Park's distinctive Neo-Classical architectural style exudes quiet elegance. Attention to detail, superior quality construction and exclusive upgraded features at the Office Park provide the best environment for business. 

Large tree-lined parking spaces are provided for the Office Park. The surrounding areas are abundantly green with lush landscaped gardens, playgrounds and forests occupying 40% of the total area at Hiranandani Gardens. 
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