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Lake Castle
Location, Powai, Mumbai 
client, Hiranandani Constructions Pvt. Ltd. 
Lake Castle, a residential apartment building nestled in the lush green surroundings of Powaii, just a few miles away from main Bombay is one of the most spectacular products of the eighties boom. It differs from other residential blocks in scale and treatment. As a response to an unusually long and narrow site, the building is 183 m in length, with Powaii Lake at one end, a forest at the other, and hills behind. (The plot had to allow for a D.P. road and forest reservation) The planning and spatial arrangement is a distinct attempt to allow all flats to face the lake. 

Initial design experiments with four buildings laid out on site indicated that this would result in many in-between exterior spaces. The final design effectively integrated all four blocks into one long building . Each block retains its own staircase at the rear and has three rooms facing the lake. Further, some apartments have been provided with balconies, increasing options available to prospective buyers.  
This huge building is treated in a manner that minimizes its intrusion on the site. The FSI could have been consumed in 17 or 18 floors, but we decided to keep the end blocks low while pulling the central one up, creating a stepped wall-like mass which complements the hills behind. The wall-likeness of the building is further broken by puncturing square cut-outs in the mass. these give a dramatic view of the sky through the building . Access to the terraces so created is from the larger apartments, turning them into sky-courts high above ground level. All windows are recessed within the double exterior wall which is detailed colourfully but with restraint. 
Egyptian motifs are used on the building facade, like the treatment given to the columns, the friezes and the details of the ironwork. The crescent shaped projecting balconies, curved projections and Egyptian columns on the facade relive the monotony into which the building would have otherwise slipped. The stepped profile and the 2 huge rectangular cut-outs further add to lighten the building. The building is almost like a mirror reflecting the densely layered profile of the city itself. The  21-storeyed tower, with a lavishly decorated, double-height entrance lobby has a distinctive layout on every floor with projections, balconies and terraces. large French windows are repetitive features on the facade. The tower block is surrounded by large gardens and a huge 8-acre forest with jogging and cycling tracks. 

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