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The Mouth and Foot Painting Association
In 1956 a worldwide artists' organization was founded in the Principality of Liechtenstein to which currently more than 600 mouth or foot painting artists belong all over the world. Only those who are themselves physically handicapped can appreciate how much it means to be largely independent of public welfare and state assistance; for most of the artists it means everything: our very life of personal freedom.
A.E.Stegmann - Founder of VDMFK
By organizing a wide range to exhibitions, selling original art works and passing works on to publishing houses to be reproduced as greeting cards and calendars, the "Association", which was founded at the initiative of mouth painter Arnulf Erich Stegmann (1912-1984), ensures that physically handicapped artists can achieve self-fulfilment.

For artistically active people who, as a result of illness, accident or a congenital disability, are unable on their own to make their works known to a broader public, the Association has become an extended international family which ensures their artistic development and a large degree of financial independence.

With their motto "Please, no pity", the founder generation of mouth and foot painting artists wanted to earn respect for their achievement.
From classic German poetry comes the beautiful line: "Stand firm in the face of all adversity and the arms of the gods will support you". The Promethean power of rebellion against a fate which appears unalterable, the resistance not only against the unspeakable adversities in every movement and daily task, but above all against the inner challenge not to be a cripple on the refuse heap of society, the victory over illness right up to the highest gift that humanity can bestow upon itself, up to art, in this exists the great mark made by these artists. And certainly also in that they do not wait for the "arms of the gods" but have organised their own self-help utilising their artistic talents.

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