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Mouth Painter 
Mr. Elangoven was born on August 22, 1950 in Ammapalayam/india. He too was a member of the Indian Air Force. A diving accident paralyzed him from his neck down making the use of all his limbs impossible. Nevertheless he strove on to become an accomplishing mouth painter. In 1978 paintings were exhibited in Bal Gandharva theatre, Pune by a social worker which was presided over by Mr. Sharad Pawar, the chief Minister of Maharashtra State. In 1981 during the "International Year of Disabled" an exhibition was arranged by state Bank of India in the University of Pune.
Mouth Painter 
Artist Hary Ram Kohli
Born on June 13, 1953. Mr. Kohli fractured his spinal column by doing gymnastic exercises; as a result his limbs remained paralyzed (quadriplegia). In 1978 he started teaching himself to draw and to paint with his mouth. He earns his living by painting greeting cards with his mouth. He sold more than 5000 original paintings, mostly flower and animal themes.
Mouth Painter   
Artist Ganesh Kumar
Mr.Kumar was born on October 15,1969.At the age of 1 year he was affected by polio.Mr.Kumar started painting at the age of 3.He did not attend school but he learned to write and read in English. Everything he does is self-taught. At the moment Mr.Kumar's work consists of approximately 5,000 paintings. 
Foot Painter     
Mr.Ramakrishnan was born in India on18 November 1969.When he was taken to a pediatrist at the age of six months he was diagnosed cerebral paisy. For several months the foot painter lived in a rehabilitation center, but his conditions showed a little improvement. Mr.Ramakrishnan lives at home with hi family. He has an exceptional high I.Q. The foot painter is a cheerful person and is interested in sports and likes to play chess. Mr.Ramakrishnan has no formal school education. He paints with his foot and has taught himself his skill.
Mouth Painter 
Artist J. Shihora
Born on 17th April 1943 in Gujrat, he lost both his hands while opening a box of potash during Diwali celebrations. Despite the shock and handicap he mastered the art of painting using his mouth to hold his paintbrush, his tool to a creative expression of his art. He has won several national and international prizes for his painting and holds regularly Art Exhibition all over India.
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