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 Our Associates Architects & Other Members
Yatin Pandya -
Associate - Research

Yatin Pandya member of Indian Institute of Architect and visiting faculty at various Universities was born in Delhi in 1960.
After Graduation from the School of Architecture, CEPT-Ahmedabad and travelled abroad for several years completing his Master in Architecture from McGill University, Canada and joined with Vastu Shilpa Foundation as Associate Director.

Uttpal Sharma -
Associate - Planning

Uttpal Sharma, Member of Indian Institute of Architect and Associate Member of ITPI was born in Assam in 1959.
After Graduation from the University of Roorkee, he did his Post Graduation in Urban Regional Planning from CEPT-Ahmedabad. He further did another Post Graduation Diploma in Housing from McGill University, Canada and joined Vastu Shipa Consultants as Associate Planning. He is a permanent faculty at the School of Planning, CEPT-Ahmedabad.

Nilima Nema -
Associate - Architecture

Nilima Nema- member of the Council of Architecture was born in Jabalpur in 1960.
After Graduation from MACT-Regional Engineering College at Bhopal she has joined Vastu Shilpa Consultants.

Apurva Virani -
Associate - Engineer

Apurva Virani, B.E(Civil) was born in Gujarat in 1970
After Graduation from S V Regional Engineering College at Surat she has joined Vastu Shilpa Consultants.

Computer Co-ordinator-
1. B.N. Panchal.
2. Gopal Bhatt.

Other Members (in the design Studio) -

Working with VSC 
since Year
Total Experience 
Senior Architects : 1 1983 15
2 1994 7
Planners 5 1996 3 to 4
Junior Architects : 2 1995 4
4 1997 1 to 2
Senior Drafts men : 1 1989 13
Architect Traniees/Dr 12    
Total 27    
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