Vastu-Shilpa Consultants
Architecture, Planning, Urban Design, Landscape and Interior Design
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List of Facilities
Communication Phone  Dot Connection 3 no.s
Fax  Dot Connection 1 no.
Multitec Modem 19.2kbps,  
VSNL connection Geoport 14.4 kbps
Reproduction facilities  Ammonia Printing  Kilburn 400 Im width
Printing Facilities   
RPG-RICOH A3 window size,   
50% reduction 200% enlargement
Scanner  Visioneer Paper Port, A4 size, Monochrome
Computer Plotter  Roland Plotter GRX-400 AR A0 size
Computer Printers Hewlett Packard Design Jet 250 C,  
                     A0 size colour 600 dpi  
HP Laserjet IIIp          A4 size  
HP Inkjet,                     A4 size  
HP Deskwriter 660C,  A4 size  
HP DeskWriter C,       A4 size  
HP Deskwriter 520C,  A4 size  
HP Deskjet 500C,        A4 size  
NEC Silentwriter,         A4 size  
NEC Pinwriter,             80columns
Computers:  Computer Hardware  Apple Macintosh   26 no.s   
IBM                         5 no.s
Computer Software  Minicad (CAD)  
Claris Cad  
ClarisWorks (Office management)  
Claris Organiser (Project Management)  
Lotus (spreadsheet)  
Alias Upfront (3 D visualization)  
MS Windows with MS Office  
MS Project
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