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Beach House
ahc-99 size 45KB This horizontally spread out beach house reflects the vernacular architecture in its vicinity. The site was blessed with a profusion of magnificent palm trees to begin with and an effort was made to cut as few of these as possible. They completely obstruct the view of the house as one enters through the driveway and one sees it only as one is almost upon it.
The entrance porch  has a series of  three sloping roofs at different levels and a view of the sea beyond the azure swimming pool. Lined with inter-connected decks overlooking  the magnificent  view of the Arabian Sea one almost forgets to enter the interior spaces. ahc-96 size 26KB
ahc-98 size 38KB Use of  organic materials like locally available stone, wood and red mangalore tiles gives the house a more earthy and organic feel. Massive stone arches frame vistas and arched recess's house idols of deities and artworks.
The swimming pool has a bar and provides an ideal setting for beach parties. Beautifully landscaped lawns undulate towards the Sea. Tennis courts and a children’s play area are set on one side of the lawns. The beach house is equipped with a gymnasium, a home theatre, a billiards room and all other trappings of luxury . 
The overflow of internal and external spaces into each other is what gives the house an extraordinary feel.
ahc-97 size 33KB
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