UL 040 Sink Cock with            UL 044 Shower Arm                UL 046 Telephonic Shower
    swinging casted spout                heavy casted body with             with 1.5" PVC pipe
    with wall flange                          wall flange
                                                     UL 045 Overhead Shower
                                                     with revolving joint.
 UL 028 Concealed                        UL 027 Angular                       UL 026 Angular
 Stop Cock with Adjustable            Stop Cock with                        Stop Cock ( VIP )
 wall flange                                      wall flange
 UL 029 Concealed
 Stop Cock with Adjustable
 wall flange size 20 mm.


UL 042 Bath Tub Spout                 UL 043 Bath Tub Spout             UL 050 Bottle Trap
with wall flange                                with button attachment

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