Classic Line Collection
1501 Pillar Cock
1506 Bib Cock
1511 Bib Cock Long Body
1506A Bib Cock Long Nose
1519B Basin Inlet Connection
(Angle Valve)
1520 Sink cock with 
Cast Swivel Spout
1516 Concealed Stop Cock
Female End with Sheet Cap
1516D Concealed Stop Cock
Heavy Body with Sliding Cap
1544 Waste 32 mm size
(Also available in 40 mm size)
1562B Divertor Spout
1548 shower Revolving Type
1556 shower Arm
1550 Shower Shanks Type
1556 Shower Arm
1535B Bottle Trap
One Piece Casted European Type
(32 mm size)
1535 Bottle Trap
32mm size
1539 Bidet Fitting Complete
with Shower and Pop-Up Waste
1565 Flush Valve Set Exposed Type with Elbow (32 mm size)
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