Raphael Collection
 From the wilderness of the jungles, the wild Raphael  Collection. Sculpted in avanta-garde flowing lines, these shapes reminds one of an angry swan, or the extended hand and claw of a feline predator. Highly advanced ceramic disc technology which enables Flick-of -the-wrist water flow manipulation, the wild Raphael Collection comes in attractive colours to complement the elegant curves and contours of your bathroom suite. A perfect blend of unusual shapes, sophisticated looks and technical perfection.
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3129 Three Hole Basin Mixer
3129 Three Hole Basin Mixer
3122 Centre Hole Basin Mixer
3127 Wall Mixer Non-Telephonic Type
3132 Wall Mixer Telephonic with Shower Rest
3173 Telephonic Shower with 1.5 mtr. Flexible Tube
3163 Divertor Spout with Shower Rest
3139 Bidet Fitting with Shower and Pop-up Waste
3162 Four-Way Divertor for Concealed Fitting
with Built-in-non-return valve
3118 Concealed Stop Cock
3174 Overhead Shower with Arm
3142 Wall Spout
3126 Sink Mixer with Swivel Spout
3120 Sink Cock with Swivel Sout
3101 Pillar Cock
3118 Concealed Stop Cock
3106 Bib Cock
3119 Basin Inlet Connection
(Angle Valve)
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