unit trust of india,

Unit Trust of India
EZO office at 2, Fairlie Place, Calcutta.
10,000 Sq'
Principal Architect , Sudhir Diwan   
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 The concept respects the character of the colonial building Unit Trust of India, Calcutta
 in which the office is housed. The interiors of this 10,000 Sq'
 banking hall and office, revolve around details which simulate
 fenestrations on the building exterior. The mouldings and cornice
 details on the columns and ceiling that were existing in the original
 spaces. The additional details, on the counters are in consonance
 with the ambience, so that both integrate well.
 The interiors and restoration, to form a part of the whole, harmonise
 the new interior spaces with the heritage architecture by emphasising form, spatial dynamics
 and sequentially linked spaces.

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