By : Shimul Javeri Kadri
 Thai Me Up - 103k  This little building stands on the busy Lamington Road surrounded by rundown buildings noisy hoardings, cinema theatres and glitzy stores. 

Building Typology :  A narrow long building surrounded by " house gullies", 2'- 0" to 3'- 0" wide on the average. The load bearing - brick structure was restrenghened some point with steel beams and columns at every 10'- 10"and slabs of steel and shahabad were laid to create the floors.
t5.jpg , Size - 64k 
t2.jpg, Size - 39k 
t3.jpg, Size - 22k 
Our Challenge:  To exploit fully, the character of this rather whimsical structure - to enhance it and breathe life into it as a place for celebration. The other  challenge as with all such spaces was to accommodate the services - especially air - conditioning in so tight a space.  t1.jpg, Size - 46k 
  t6.jpg, Size - 41k   What we did :   No false ceilings! We used the house - gullies for AC ducts the thickness of the coba for the electrical conduits and succeeded in retaining a clean structure. We enhanced the structural elements with wood in parts and exposed the steel in others.  
Thematically, on all three floors, the illusion of " openings"  has been dramatized.
 t10.jpg, Size - 50k On the ground floor, the punctures in the walls look onto the walls of the neighbouring building, but their presence distracts  from  the monotony of the long & narrow space. 
The first floor uses lively dummy windows to create the same impression and the top floor dramatises the effect with colonial gothic railings set against midnight blue walls.
 Ground Floor Plan, Size - 35k  
t8.jpg, Size - 41k 
t9.jpg, Size - 27k 

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