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 Landmark Predictions
For film star Sanjay Dutt about release from jail under TADA  Act.
Atal Behari Vajpayee's Prime Ministership in '94
Mayawati's becoming C. M. and falling of her Govt. in U.P.
Predicted Pokharan explosion a year before.
Predicted in Nov. '97 that for the next six months there will be no box office hit ( the first super hit film after this was Kuchh Kuchh Hota Hai in Aug. - Sept. '98)
The widely publicised Doomsday on May 8th  '99 was refuted much in advance.
Said in Sept.' 98 that Bill Clinton would not be removed from office because of Monica Lewenski scandal. Acquittal  was pronounced in '99.
Predicted Iraq war a year before it happened. 
Predicted in 1995 that India and Pak will go to war before the solar eclipse of Aug. 11 '99. 
Predicted in Nov. '97 that the prices of onion and potato would shoot up next year. 

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