Vibrant colors, mixed patterns, rich hues, and eccentric aesthetics make an ideal combo for a modern bohemian, a style, that’s taking a toll on trends be it in fashion or home décor. But what’s the hype with this unconventional style that calls for nothing but friendly vibes and eye-catching colors? I mean yes, boho has been on top in the popularity chart for years, but in the recent past we’re seeing urban bohemian in Instagram hashtags bombarding feeds, with pictures that scream for attention with a fresh modern twist to boho style. If they’ve intrigued you a little too much and you’re interested in going urban boho on your home remodel or redesign, read below for a few tips.

Leather Sofas, Sequined Cushions.

Leather is basically beige handbags and slippers, because they’re a great material that goes with anything and everything pretty much. And since modern boho calls for unexpected designs picked from nowhere and matched together, using leather would be just the perfect way to incorporate and throw in a lot of ideas. Fringy sequin pillows, or upbeat satin cushions, you name it and have it paired up with a buttery caramel or bright magenta leather sofa.

Modern Furniture, Plentiful Plants.

I’ll say it again, modern boho is an incredible twist of everything bohemian with modern touches sprinkled here and there. So whilst you go macramé with your wall paintings and chandeliers, its only fair if your go modern with your tables. An iconic for your unified vintage textiles and Moroccan rugs, would be a simple sleek coffee table in a screaming white, to outline other features of your house. Oh, and plants are a must, not just one or two, but plenty of them, be it planted in pots and placed near bathrooms Monee ponds or paired up with bamboo sticks and mounted on walls.

Mixed Patterns, Unified Textiles.

If you’re going modern boho, then might as well grab hold of your opportunity to go wild with clashing colors, and mixing pattern, embracing heavy accents and bizarre designs. An absolutely fun and quirky way to heighten this approach would be to combine floral and stripes for your chairs in the right way. Oops, scratch there’s no right way, or no limits to your patterns, pillows and of course like I mentioned earlier, plants. But if you’re not a fan of crazily combined designs, and you’re more in to simple tones, you could also go for unified textiles that create symmetry, which is also fortunately another popular feature of modern boho.

Plain walls, Bold Floors.

The traditional way is to throw in any kind of design pattern anywhere you want to, like you’re throwing disregarded clothes out of your closet, when you’re trying to choose an attire you’ll look decent in. but since urban boho is a bit restrained, you’ve got to pair up simplicity with eccentricity, meaning patterned floor tiles with plain black walls. Something like that. But if you’re in need of covering up your walls that have cracks going through like a volcano that’s going to erupt, well in that case you go for bold wallpapers with flamingos or flowers and pair them up with natural wood floors.