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Technical Support FAQs

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What browsers do you support?

We try to accomodate the majority of browsers available on the market today. However, we cannot test or support every nuance of every browser or access method. We do support

Other browsers will work with this site, although sometimes with less than optimum results. Any version of Netscape Navigator version 2.0 or higher works to the best of our knowledge. Your browser must support cookies and they must be activated. We make extensive use of tables and width dimensions.

My browser has trouble entering your site. Any reason why?

Please see our "What browsers do you support" above. You can call your ISP and ask for their latest software, which includes the latest version of Microsoft Internet Explorer.

How can I list my company on your site?

We profile qualified companies at no charge. To enhance that profile with additional product catalogs, company backgrounds, and graphics, you need to purchase one of our products. Please speak with one of our sales staff at

How do I get removed from your mailing list?

You can always reply to the message you recieved and ask to be removed. You can also adjust your personal information to remove yourself from our mailing list. To do this, click here. Answer no to the following two questions

  • Would you like to receive e-mail information about Indiabuildnet.Com? and
  • Would you like to receive Indiabuildnet.Com Update?
This will ensure that we don't send you any mail, unless you have requested it.

For further assistance please contact our customer service cell at

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