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Buyer FAQs

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What can Indiabuildnet.Com offer me?

Indiabuildnet.Com offers you the ability to order all your building processing equipment, and industry-related educational materials on our Purchasing Center to help you streamline and simplify your ordering process. Indiabuildnet.Com also provides you with resources such as a Supplier Directory, a Career Center, and even an Education Center. Finally, Indiabuildnet.Com offers you an online community of building professionals featuring discussion forums.

What services does Indiabuildnet.Com's Purchase Center offer?

The Purchasing Center enables you to buy products over the Internet from a diverse group of suppliers. Other key advantages include: Buying from several suppliers during a single session using one purchase order. Pressure free sales. Orders can be chosen, changed, cancelled and saved before they're even submitted. Invoices arrive from one source even though you've purchased products from more than one supplier. Create your own Custom Catalog with just the products you regularly need. Set your own preferences to search for just the kind of products you want. Your Order History is readily available, enabling you to review details on all of your previous purchases. Automatic mails acknowledge orders and update status of purchases. Orders are not submitted until you approve them.

What are Custom Folders?

To simplify your purchasing experience, Indiabuildnet.Com now offers customers the ability to create personal folders as a way of searching for products.

You can set up your catalog to contain as few or as many items as you wish. There is no limit on the number of folders that can be set up, nor is there a limit to the number of products that can be placed in each folder.

A catalog may contain items from numerous suppliers. By setting up folders, you have a quick and easy way to purchase the products you need.

How long will my orders take to reach me?

This depends on the method of transportation used and the point of origin of the shipment. Our normal delivery time is 3-5 days aftre finalisation of the order.

How safe is it to purchase products through Indiabuildnet.Com using my credit card?

It is extremely safe to purchase products through Indiabuildnet.Com. All your private information is securely encrypted using the industry standard SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), which is among the best software available today for secure commerce transactions. All your information is stored on a terminal that is not accessible over the Internet.

Can I purchase from Indiabuildnet.Com if I am outside India ?

At this time Indiabuildnet.Com is not in a position to ship overseas. However, we can accept orders from customers from outside the country. We can ship to a freight and customs forwarder of your choice within INDIA. At this time we can accept payment from non-Indian customers in the form of credit card or advance payment via demand draft. When placing your order online, just list your forwarder's receiving address as your ship-to address. For more information on your specific ordering situation, please contact us directly at .

Indiabuildnet.Com is working towards the ability to provide full export services later in 2000.

What happens to my order if I don't submit it?

Materials, Equipment and Supplies
All products you have selected will remain in your current order file until you actually submit your order. This feature allows you the convenience of starting an order and completing it at another time. Products will not disappear from your current order file unless you delete them.

All products selected, but not approved for purchase will be deleted when you exit the system. Indiabuildnet.Com logs you out if you are not active for more than 3 hours, which would also cause your selected items to be deleted.

How do I register as a Purchasing Center Buyer?

Indiabuildnet.Com has simplified our registration process. If you are currently a Registered User of Indiabuildnet.Com, then you are already registered to buy from the Purchasing Center. If you are not currently a Registered User, just click "Register Today FREE!" at the top of our home page. Registration allows you full access to all Indiabuildnet.Com features, including the Purchasing Center.

Once you are a Registered User, you can purchase immediately using your credit card. However, if you wish to pay by corporate credit account, you should apply for a corporate account. You can apply for a corporate account from the first page of Purchasing Center

How do I place an order?

You can purchase from the Indiabuildnet.Com Purchasing Center in three ways: 1. search for the material or equipment you want using the Materials or Equipment & Supplies search engines. These will show you all the products we sell and will help you narrow down your choice until you find the product you're looking for.

2. you can create your own Custom Catalog with the products you normally like to buy.

3. you can search our Auctions listing, which is an ever-changing list of items where you can find exceptional bargains.

Once you have selected a product you wish to buy, click "Add to Order". Then you can either select another product or Proceed to Checkout. Once you've filled out your Purchase Order, just click "Submit Requisition" and you're done!

What will the total cost of my order be?

Industrial Equip.
Your total cost will be the subtotal of the items purchased, plus taxes, shipping and handling. Tax, shipping and handling charges are not calculated into the subtotal of your order. This information is determined by the supplier with whom an order has been placed.

Shipping costs will be not included within the price of the item, except where otherwise noted. All orders are not tax exempt, so the total cost of your order will not be the total cost of the items.

The total cost of your order will be the subtotal of the items purchased. All products are not tax exempt, except where otherwise noted. Shipping and handling fees are not included in the price of the product, except where otherwise noted.

I signed up as a buyer and my company has an existing corporate account. Why can't I purchase on our corporate account?

Customer Service needs to link you to your company's corporate account. We need your purchasing director, or another authority figure to send us an e-mail at giving you authorization to be linked to the account. You will then be ready to purchase products!

For further assistance please contact our customer service cell at

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