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Advertising/Features FAQs

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What can Indiabuildnet.Com offer me?

Indiabuildnet.Com can offer you a wide range of services to help improve your business. We can connect you with thousands of industry professionals who visit our web site every month. We can post attractive advertisements for your business, provide you with hot leads, and direct traffic to your own website. Indiabuildnet.Com can provide you with discussion forum where you can do everything from posting a tough technical question to placing a classified ad. Our Career Center is a great place to put job postings where the right candidates will see them, or if you're in the job market it's a great place to find the openings you're looking for. Our Education Center will steer you right to the training opportunities you want, whether they're classroom-type seminars or educational CD-ROMs. Indiabuildnet.Com can even provide you with monthly activity reports and material data sheets.

Indiabuildnet.Com's Product Gallery is one our most attractive features for industry buyers and sellers. For more information, see the Buyer FAQ or Seller FAQ section.

How do I advertise on Indiabuildnet.Com?

For details on how to place an ad, call Dinesh Kabra at (022) 262-6666, or email .

Click here for more information on contacting us.

What is the Technical Forum?

Indiabuildnet.Com's Technical Forum is like a bulletin board for the whole building industry. Technical Forum is actually a series of both discussion forums and classified sections. By entering Technical Forum you can do several things. You can choose a discussion category to view a technical discussion that may be interesting to you. Or you post a new question or topic and then read the responses you get from other on-line building professionals.

Do I need a website to market my products on Indiabuildnet.Com?

No, you don't. Indiabuildnet.Com will take care of all of your Internet marketing needs.

How do I get information about, machinery, equipment, or services?

You can get product information from Indiabuildnet.Com's Supplier Directory. You can look for product either by product description or by its supplier. Once you've identified the product or products you're looking for, you can click the RFI (Request For Information) button to get all the details promptly sent to you.

For further assistance please contact our customer service cell at

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