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A head severed from the body, with tangled heir, like Medusa. A Powerful, Monumental image. This painting was done, pretending to 
be a child. It turned out just the opposite. This was because it was done under a pretence.
The Image of Zohar, the good and evil principles in perfect equilibrium, with the seal of William Pastel balancing in the centre. This is a large mosaic 6’ x 14’.
Another mosaic 6’ x 12’, depicting symbolically the 12 zodiacal signs, 3 of which comprise the houses of earth, fire, water, and air. The fish represents Water. 
The winged face represents Air, the bulls’ head - the Earth, and the snake that bites 
its tail -The sign of the Grand Acarnun, represents Fire - the principal of rejuvenation. The mural depicting characteristics of all things.
Consistent Chaos. Colours used in layers. A Mosaic 6’ x 15’ comprising of all the religious orders, with the mysterious source depicted in the centre, holding the distinctive ‘trishul’ in one hand and the sign of the Grand Acurnun in the other, with water flowing out of its top, and fire, from the same source. A mask, clothed in red, because the mystery is never unravelled. Separate breasts, feeding so many religious orders, springing from a wheel of Karma.
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