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Shree Ram Commercial has been in the field of building materials for over 15-20 years, and one of the company's Click to view largethey represent is Bisazza India Ltd.. The use of glass mosaic for both interior & exterior wall coverings traces its origin to the very outset of the history of decoration. 

Bisazza Glass Mosaic stands today as the continuator of a distinguished cultural heritage, both by preserving ancient techniques of mosaic decoration and by introducing new ones, such as, for instance, the adoption of the graphic computer for the scanning of patterns and their interpretation and reproduction into mosaic.
Technological advancement, in the meantime, has ensured the qualitative amelioration of the product: the individual tiles are now perfectly square and smooth-surfaced, their edges no longer sharp, their color homogeneous; the material is therefore well suited for today's most diverse applications : residential and commercial installations, urban decor, facades, swimming pools.
The particular transparency and the distinctive copper reflections are characteristics that give a unique appearance to Le Gemme glass mosaic. These characteristics are obtained through a manual process linked to the venetian glass tradition, a hot mixing of glass with a semiprecious hard stone called "AVVENTURINA".

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