There are many occasions why you would want an elevator installed at your house. It is usually when you have someone with difficulty of taking the stairs. In the end of the day, it is a great upgradation that would not only make your life easier for you, but increase the property’s resale value. Hence, it is a great decision because we all should try our best to improve our living conditions at all times. In the process however, you should consider the factors that are vital in guiding you for the best solution.

Here are the 3 major factors to consider when

  1. The choice of the company

It isn’t like there are many companies in Singapore that specialize in residential elevator installation. But the point here that you need to understand is that, you have a better chance of getting the job done in the best way by a company who specializes in the residential context over companies that deal with the direct commercial sector. So, you can start off your company hunt considering the average home elevator cost singapore – for the designing, transportation, installation and also the after sale services. Be sure to review their experience and the good name in the industry because that always matters.

  • Budget compatibility

Residential lifts aren’t really supposed to be overly expensive, but since they will come at a price, it is important to do proper preliminary home lift cost singapore survey so that you would be able to see the average range. Mind you, there could be hidden charges too. Hence, it is your responsibility to choose a good company and make sure that their solutions work for your need. Because in the end of the day, this isn’t something that we would do on the monthly basis.

  • The number of floors and the vertical span per floor

As we all know, different elevators have different dimensions and designs. The ones that work for hotels won’t work for hospitals or factories. But the governing factor of most of the designs is the vertical span between two floors. One could think that it will not be that much of important given how once the door is closed, the elevator is pretty much moving but you need to pay attention to the safety aspect as well. Hence, be sure to consider the number of floors and the rough span between two floors.

Taking opinions from the structural engineers is also important. Because you can’t afford to have structural incapability to withhold the loads in the long run.